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Recruit the best talent

roubler provides more than just an applicant tracking system as part of a fully integrated all-in-one HR software platform. roubler automatically assesses, shortlists and ranks which applicants are most suitable for your specific HR and workforce requirements.

As part of the end-to-end software, roubler’s machine learning algorithm continues to uniquely collect data throughout the employment life cycle as to what employee attributes work and don’t work specific to your business. roubler will then rank all applications on your dashboard as a percentage suitability so you never have to waste time working through hundreds of unsuitable candidates again. Invest your time in the top 10% of employee applications.

Automate the recuitment process

  • Allow Roubler to screen applications so you can focus on the top 10%
  • One single cloud based workforce management system
  • No more job application response filling up your inbox
  • Machine learning algorithm continuously adapting and improving your hiring conditions ensuring the best possible recruitment outcome

All-in-one features.

Automated Application Process

Streamline your recruitment process. Candidates apply directly from your job advertisement or your careers page and submit an application all through the one system.

  • Streamline your recruitment process
  • Instant shortlist
  • Candidate applications review
  • No data entry
  • Fully automated and customisable to your organisation assessment process
  • Integrated Applicant Tracking System

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Candidate Reserves Bench

Automatically maintain a ready in time pool of candidates who are pre-screened, assessed and ranked ready to start a shift.

  • Pre-screened, assessed and available
  • Ready in time pool of candidates
  • Never be reactionary in your recruitment process again

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Applicant Assessment Software

Roubler’s highly sophisticated, online machine learning algorithm can find your perfect candidate from hundreds or thousands of applications instantly.

  • Automatically scans and analyses applications, evaluates candidate skills and experience, and predicts behavioural traits
  • As job criteria and culture differs, the applicant suitability rating is developed in percentage terms
  • Each candidate’s ‘fit’ exclusive to your unique workforce needs
  • Instant shortlist technology
  • Global and local comparisons

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Realise the benefits of roubler’s assessment tool

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