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The key benefits of time and attendance software

Time and attendance software, employee time tracking software or timesheet software -whatever term you use, digital time clocking solutions will help ensure your team is paid in line with the actual hours they work. These systems track the number of hours employees spend on the job, and feeds data into payroll to ensure accurate pay.

With time and attendance software, employees can clock in and out electronically via tablets, computers and even smartphones. Data from timesheets software is tracked and directly connected to your payroll system, ready for processing.

By streamlining business processes, time and attendance software will help you create efficiencies, leading to a more productive workforce.

What should you expect from time and attendance software?

Before selecting a time and attendance software provider, you need to consider what you expect from the solution. What challenges are you currently facing that you would like to change?

For example, you may need your timesheet software to:

  • Ensure staff are paid accurately
  • Prevent time theft of “buddy punching”
  • Improve accountability
  • Decrease pay queries from staff.

Armed with your list of expectations, you can choose the best time and attendance system for your specific business needs. The solution you go with needs to create efficiencies, not result in extra work.

Why do businesses need time and attendance software?

Time tracking is an important part of every business, allowing managers to monitor employee hours from a central location. With so many employees to keep track of, it’s important to streamline and automate time and attendance as much as possible.

The problem is paper timesheets and bundy clocks are causes for errors and take up precious admin time. They also don’t allow data to automatically flow to payroll. Timesheet software takes a huge amount of burden off managers and teams.

By using time and attendance software, you can help eliminate manual processes as well as keep track of actual hours worked, helping you create labour efficiencies and make better informed decisions.

Other benefits of timesheet software include:

  • Improved productivity across your workforce
  • Accurate clocking and overtime data
  • The ability to monitor absenteeism, lateness and no-shows
  • Automated timesheets
  • No more manual calculations and data entry
  • Built-in pay rules to help ensure compliance.

Features to look for in time and attendance software

Most time and attendance solutions come with a set of features, ranging from basic employee time tracking to more advanced workforce management systems. Because there are so many solutions out there, we’ve put together a list of what you need to be on the lookout for when choosing an employee time tracking system.

Biometric facial verification

Biometric facial verification technology provides a secure and reliable way to capture accurate clock in and clock out data and prevent time theft. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to help ensure the correct employee is clocking in and out of their shift – and will automatically notify managers in case of a non-match.

Real-time tracking

The best time and attendance software helps manage labour costs, prevent time theft and improve workforce productivity. Your employee time tracking system should ensure staff are paid in line with actual hours worked, and help managers identify where processes need to be improved by providing accurate data. This includes the ability to track down to 15-minute increments.

All-in-one workforce management

Consider choosing an all-in-one workforce management software solution that includes time and attendance software. Roubler’s seamless software and single source of truth ensures all data is synchronised instantly across your entire workforce management system, from rostering to time and attendance and payroll.

Get in touch with one of Roubler’s workforce management experts to find out how we can help you transform your workforce management and make the most out of an employee time tracking system.

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