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Payroll compliance software

With Roubler you have true peace of mind, thanks to our built-in compliance tools. Roubler takes care of compliance with built-in checks and alerts specific to your unique pay rules.

Enable payroll compliance with all-in-one software

With Roubler, compliance doesn’t just begin with payroll, it is a best practice embedded throughout your business. Our all-in-one solution includes built-in checks and measures to help prevent accidental mistakes when building rosters or approving shifts.

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Be prepared for compliance auditing

With Roubler, businesses spend less time preparing for audits, and more time on strategic initiatives, with our easy-to-use reporting features and built-in audit controls. We make it easy to quickly pull together workforce data on qualifications, employment type and more, and to run payroll and journal reports in minutes.

Easily govern internal processes

Roubler allows businesses to track activity and implement workflows to ensure compliance across internal processes. Our compliance features will notify a manager if they attempt to roster a staff member on, outside of predefined pay conditions and rule sets.

This enables you to access comprehensive audit trails for all approvals and transaction activity, easily glean data insights, and run reports on processed transactions and tasks.

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Comprehensive data security comes standard

With Roubler, security measures are paramount. Our system includes built-in permission controls for different user levels to reduce the risk of unauthorised, non-compliant actions.

Our customers benefit from 0Auth – the industry standard for user authentication and authorisation technology, which is the most robust security platform of its type available. Roubler uses this product to manage user security, including single sign-on.

Safeguard data integrity

With one database – and one source of truth – Roubler makes it simple to maintain data integrity. Manual data entry and CSV imports are a thing of the past, and businesses can be more efficient in compliance and audit processes with one code-base for all Roubler applications.

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Will Roubler help my business stay compliant? 

Roubler provides peace of mind compliance with built-in checks and measures to help prevent accidental mistakes from happening when building rosters or approving shifts.

Does Roubler automatically update an employee’s pay rate based on their date of birth?

Roubler’s workforce management software automatically updates employee pay rates based on their date of birth, meaning you can rest assured employees are paid correctly.

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