One platform. One code base. True workforce management.

By definition, workforce management is an integrated set of activities that allow businesses manage their employees and increase productivity. So why would you use multiple, disjointed systems for activities that should happen seamlessly?

Roubler is a true workforce management system with all the features you need on one platform. that allows you to recruit, onboard, roster, manage, train and pay employees from one platform, without being interrupted by data entry or transferring information between systems.

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Complete workforce visibility.

To manage your workforce effectively, you need to have all the information easily to hand – no missing ‘puzzle’ pieces. Roubler allows you to view and manage your workforce by task (rostering, T&A, leave management, payroll) or by individual.

  • Employee profile page allows you to manage multiple aspects of that employee’s working life from the one screen.
  • Live dashboards and pre-built reports give you real-time information about payroll, labour costs, attendance and absenteeism, completion of onboarding tasks and more.

True productivity gains.

Real workforce management is about getting the highest level of productivity from your employees. Roubler helps you achieve this in two ways:

  • Less time spent on administrative tasks equals increased productivity on strategic initiatives and ground-level people management from your line managers and HR team. Automated rostering, instantly generated timesheets and seamless data integration with payroll greatly speeds up your routine workforce management tasks.
  • Less time spent filling out onboarding paperwork, lodging paper leave applications and arranging for details to be updated with HR means your employees spend more time working rostered shifts that make the best use of their talents and bring in revenue for your business.
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In-built, up-to-date compliance controls

Our in-built compliance tools ensure all workforce management tasks, from onboarding  through to time and attendance and payroll are carried out in compliance with current legal requirements.

  • Payroll is automatically calculated using pre-set pay condition rules so your pay runs can be completed with full compliance in a fraction of the time.
  • Compliance notifications and ‘hold’ points help managers avoid compliance errors when creating staff schedules, approving timesheets and running payroll.

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