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Multi-site employee rostering software

Create efficient rosters at the click of a button and notify staff automatically.

Make the rostering process more efficient

Easily create efficient rosters and notify staff as soon as a new shift is published – all while taking into account employee availability, and specific business rules. Roubler’s powerful online rostering system makes the
rostering process seamless.

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Roster according to demand

Our demand-based rostering feature will automatically roster on the right number of staff, based on predicted demand. Working alongside our smart roster, this powerful tool will help you build a roster and assign suitable employees, according to predefined demand ratios.

Leverage sales forecasts to build efficient rosters

Roubler’s seamless rostering feature allows managers to build rosters based on forecasted hourly sales using data imported from your point of sale system. This ensures managers meet staffing requirements in line with demand, ensure labour efficiency and minimise admin time.

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Create AI rosters with a single click

Roubler’s smart roster feature uses the latest AI techniques to automatically create rosters at the click of a button. It chooses the right staff for each shift based on predefined criteria such as qualifications, availability and seniority.

Understand the costs of a roster

Roubler’s rostering software features include costings per employee, day, and roster period, enabling you to build out cost-effective rosters. Our labour efficiency tool also helps managers optimise rosters in line with forecast and actual results, keeping labour costs within budget.

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Gain peace of mind with compliance

With Roubler, compliance begins with the rostering process. Built-in checks and measures align with modern awards, helping prevent managers from building non-compliant rosters and significantly reducing the risks associated with non-compliance.

Allow shift swapping without the confusion

Roubler’s rostering software includes an optional feature that allows employees to swap shifts with their colleagues if they are no longer available to work. This takes the administrative burden off managers, who would otherwise have to spend valuable time trying to fill shifts.

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Notify staff via the mobile app

Staff are immediately notified of their upcoming shifts via the mobile roster app as soon as they are published. There is no need to manually inform employees about their roster, as the information they need is in the palm of their hand.

Fill gaps in the roster with
shift bidding

Managers can save time creating rosters by sending out shift requests to all eligible employees which team members can either accept or decline. Choose the “best fit” team member for the shift as this feature considers factors such as location, employment types, break times, pay and more.

“Roubler is saving our managers an hour a day [with rosters]. If we break that down over the course of the year, it’s saving us thousands of dollars just on labour.”


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Key employee rostering functionality

  • Intelligent smart roster feature
  • Reusable templates to speed up rostering
  • Drag-n-drop functionality
  • Predefined business and pay rules
  • Built-in compliance checks and measures
  • Live costings and labour efficiencies
  • Mobile app roster functionality
  • shift bidding feature
  • Shift swapping feature (optional).

Key rostering software benefits

  • Automate rostering with built-in AI techniques
  • Reduce risk with built-in compliance
  • Monitor roster costs against sales results
  • Create labour efficiencies business-wide
  • Communicate rosters automatically
  • Send roster and attendance data straight to payroll
  • Ensure seamless data flow with one source of truth.

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More employee rostering system features

Smart online rostering tool

Roubler’s smart roster tool uses machine learning to suggest the right employees for each shift and auto-completes your roster, taking into account:

  • Which employees are available at your location
  • What kind of role is required to fill a shift
  • The minimum number of hours off required between shifts
  • Limits around maximum working hours
  • Your customised staff rating.

Multi-site employee rostering

Whether you run several divisions in the one location, manage multiple locations, or own a franchise, Roubler has flexible rostering functionality to suit you. It lets you manage different rosters, work areas, roles, activities and locations all in a single cloud-based software platform. You can:

  • Accurately cost out rosters for each division or location before publishing it
  • Gain full visibility across all locations anytime, anywhere from your mobile, tablet or PC
  • Allocate employees to specific locations using real-time data to support decision making.

Part time and full time shift patterns

Reduce administrative burden by automatically setting standard hours on a weekly or fortnightly basis, which can be used to automatically pre-populate your roster. Roubler makes it easy to:

  • Predefine shift patterns for full-time and part-time employees in their employee profile
  • Choose a weekly or fortnightly date range and start date for the pattern
  • Define the exact hours your employee works each day
  • Use our one-click smart roster tool to auto-fill the rest.

Payroll compliance checks

With Roubler, managers don’t have to understand the intricacies of compliance – Roubler will prevent them from rostering outside of the predefined rule sets, and they will be alerted to potential conflicts.

Roubler gives you the benefit of an all-in-one system that takes relevant built-in checks and measures and time and attendance data, and automatically calculates pay, helping ensure compliance.

Ad-hoc shift requests

Roubler gives you the flexibility to send a request to your employees via the rostering app, asking them to accept or reject a change to their existing shifts. Roubler will automatically prompt you if approval from an employee is needed for a particular shift or shift change.

Leave and availability

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to move between applications to check staff availability when you’re in the middle of creating a roster in your employee rostering system. With Roubler, managers can view approved leave and availability from within the rostering tool, saving time and painstaking cross-checking.


Does Roubler support multiple rosters with different managers?

Roubler allows you to manage different rosters, work areas, roles, activities and locations all in a single cloud-based workforce management software platform.

Does Roubler’s rostering software support split shifts? 

Roubler allows you to roster according to your business needs while remaining compliant.

Can I enter unpaid breaks? 

Employees can clock in and out of their breaks, giving you full visibility and syncing directly with payroll. Roubler identifies whether these are paid or unpaid breaks, ready for payroll.

Can I hide rosters from specific staff? 

Roubler’s rostering software allows managers to edit employees’ visibility over full rosters.

Can I schedule meal and rest breaks for my staff? 

Roubler’s online rostering system allows managers to schedule meal and rest breaks for staff.

Does it have an auto-scheduling feature?

Roubler allows you to create single-click smart rosters using the latest AI techniques. Once your roster is generated, all you need to do is hit publish and you’re ready to go.

Do employees have to confirm a shift before the roster is finalised?

Employees can predefine their availability in the Roubler system so managers know exactly when they can and can’t roster employees on.

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