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Online payroll software New Zealand

Simplify payroll processing with a seamless all-in-one workforce management system.

Speed up every pay run and ensure accuracy

Roubler helps streamline payroll processes by providing an intuitive all-in-one system that automatically draws in attendance data and employee leave details for processing.

This eliminates the need for manual data entry and messy integrations, helping ensure fast and accurate payroll, every time.

cloud payroll

Bring everything together with one source of truth

Roubler provides one seamless system for all your workforce management needs. From leave requests to rostering and time and attendance, all data is stored centrally. Everything flows directly to payroll for fast and easy processing – it really is that simple.

“Roubler’s payroll feature is quick, accurate and compliant. The staff and management have engaged with Roubler very quickly.”


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Key payroll functionality

  • One source of truth for workforce management
  • Fast and accurate payroll
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use online payroll system
  • Built-in compliance checks and measures
  • Seamless timesheet data transfer.

Key payroll system benefits

  • Deliver accurate and compliant payroll
  • Save time on manual data entry and processing
  • Remove the need for CSV imports or messy integrations
  • Automate time and attendance data flow into payroll
  • Provide employees with access to payslips via the app
  • Ensure payroll has complete compliance oversight.

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More payroll software features

Accurate clocking data in payroll

Roubler’s online payroll software means clocking data is automatically made available for payroll processing. Employees simply clock in and out via a clocking device or mobile app, and once their timesheets have been approved, payroll data will be ready for processing.

Payroll auditing

Roubler’s built in compliance tools and audit reporting features help reduce the pressure come audit time. It’s easy to:

  • Compare approved timesheets to actual paid hours
  • See who created, edited, or approved a timesheet
  • Pull employee data reports to ensure employees are on the correct pay classification for their position
  • Have visibility over who updated employee master file details, for example bank accounts or pay rates.

Comprehensive pay rules engine

With its highly intuitive interface, Roubler’s industry-leading pay rules engine helps automate the decision making required for payroll compliance. You can tailor specific pay rules, such as split shifts, meal breaks and higher duties, according to the relevant regulations. Roubler provides real-time costings when building a roster, in line with predefined pay rules.

Flexible payroll reporting

Roubler’s cloud payroll software payroll has a comprehensive range of flexible payroll reporting features to help you make informed decisions about your workforce, including:

  • Payroll reports
  • Employee reports
  • Tax and compliance reporting
  • Employee leave reports
  • And more.

Employee self service system

Roubler enables significant time savings and reduces payroll admin by enabling employees to manage their personal details, submit leave requests, claim expenses, view timesheets and access payslips no matter where they are. Our employee self service system is available on desktop or mobile and empowers employees to:

  • Update employee details and bank details
  • Apply for and manage leave
  • View leave balances
  • Manage their availability
  • Submit expense claims
  • View payslips and payment summaries
  • And more…


How do I change an employee’s employment type?

You can easily alter an employee’s employment type through the Roubler portal.

Can I manage seasonal employees with Roubler? 

Roubler supports all working types.

Can Roubler work with time and attendance software?

Roubler’s all-in-one workforce management software includes a sophisticated time and attendance system that syncs directly with payroll.

Can I manage more than one payroll with Roubler?

Roubler allows you to manage multiple businesses within one platform.

Does Roubler manage parental leave?

Roubler’s seamless payroll software manages parental leave.

How can employees see their leave balances?

Employees on the Roubler platform can access their leave balances and apply for leave from their desktop or mobile device.

Can I manage employees on variable hours with Roubler?

With Roubler you can easily manage shift-based employee hours with flexible scheduling functionality.

Do my employees get online access to their payslips?

Employees will be able to access their payslips from the Roubler platform and self service app anywhere, anytime.

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