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Roubler + Tsogo Sun

Discover how Roubler helped Tsogo Sun streamline their people management processes through automation and real-time analytics.

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Tsogo Sun is one of South Africa’s largest hotel chains. It’s home away from home for guests in South Africa, and is known for providing experiences with flair. Tsogo Sun relies on Roubler’s software to effectively manage their people and create efficient, cost-effective rosters.

The challenge

Tsogo Sun has multiple locations with hundreds of functions across the business that need to be coordinated seamlessly. The manual rostering process was extremely time consuming, they were unable to make changes quickly, and they didn’t have the visibility and control needed to manage their workforce efficiently.

Roubler’s software was easy to implement and provided a seamless and simple solution for Tsogo Sun’s intricate rostering process. The smart roster feature has automated the process, saving many hours of time and effort each week. The business is also able to track data in real time and make adjustments accordingly.

The results

With Roubler’s workforce management software, Tsogo Sun has:

  • Automated the rostering process
  • Managed multiple employees at multiple sites
  • Made data-driven decisions
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Reduced staff costs
  • Saved valuable time and effort
  • More visibility and control.

“I’m super happy with the progress we’ve made in a short amount of time. I just did the roster for this week – it was so quick!”


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