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  • increasing-employee-productivity
    Increasing the Productivity of Your Employees
    If you’re running a business, you’re almost guaranteed to be looking for your employees to be as productive...
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  • motivating-casual-employees
    Motivate Your Casual Employees in the Right Way
    With more than 20% of the workforce hired under a casual contract, it’s important to treat these workers...
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  • greatest-employee-characteristics
    Characteristics of Your Greatest Employee – That You Haven’t Noticed Yet
    As an employer or team manager, it’s easy after a while to spot those in the workplace who...
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E-books & Guides

  • The True Costs of Internal Payroll
    The True Costs of Internal Payroll
    Are you aware of how much your company is truthfully spending on its internal payroll system? Most companies are not, and they...
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  • The Best HR Software for Every Generation
    Increased access to healthcare and better conditions of work have generated an interesting situation. Within one workforce, there is the potential for...
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  • Trends in People Analytics
    Trends in People Analytics
    People Analytics seems like such a broad term, covering a range of different functions and technologies. It is growing, however only 14%...
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