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Motivate Your Casual Employees in the Right Way

With more than 20% of the workforce hired under a casual contract, it’s important to treat these workers right. They do the work no one wants to do and work odd, long hours. Keeping your staff motivated is one of the key factors in a successful business and will make your employees happy to work.

But what is the best way to motivate your casual employees and treat them right? Here, we outline four essential areas where you can focus on employee motivation.

  1. Community

Most casual workers work irregular hours and, as such, can feel disconnected from the workforce. One of the most important things to motivate your employees to want to work is to build a community in the workplace, and make them feel connected and involved.

Organise team meetings and work functions where employees can introduce themselves and become closer to their workmates.

  1. Understanding

Realise that employees are different and they may respond to certain situations differently. Your business will become a lot more efficient if you are able to talk to employees in a way that suits them. What’s more, in a crisis, it’s important to understand how to calm an employee down; some might benefit from a five-minute break, while some need to talk.

  1. Incentivise

It’s vital that you give your employees a reason to work harder. If they can’t find satisfaction in the work itself, reward their efforts with movie tickets and the like. Even more important is getting them involved in decision making. If the employee takes ownership of a certain project, they’ll be more inclined to work harder.

  1. Security

The benefit of a casual job is flexibility, not security, however being secure is still important. Your employees won’t feel safe at work if they constantly feel their job is on the line. Let them know well ahead of time how many shifts they have, when they are working and the length of time they’re expected to stay, so they don’t feel lost in the workplace.

Above all, treat your casual employees with respect. They’re the backbone of your business and without them, productivity would plummet.


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