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Cloud based HR Software

HR Glossary

Cloud based HR Software

Cloud-based HR software refers to on-demand networks, services, systems and applications accessible through the internet. Essentially, cloud-based HR software allows you to run HR applications from anywhere on an internet-connected device, as opposed to operating data out of one hard drive in your office. Cloud based HR software is an invaluable tool for business management as it can streamline a number of tasks into one program or application. These tasks include performance tracking, scheduling, payroll, and time and attendance. Cloud software means that your data is stored in secure servers in large data centres, managed by IT professionals 24/7. Data is then encrypted for transmission between the data centre and your internet-connected device, so that its completely secure.

There are many benefits to installing cloud based HR software in your workplace. In comparison to older HR software, cloud based programs offer far more assistance to the smooth running of the workplace. You will experience a reduction in IT costs and have better program functionality. Outdated HR software required manual updates for its software, whilst cloud based software does not. Your provider runs all system updates and security checks to ensure that your business is always operating on the optimal software. Your data can easily be recovered in emergency situations. There will be increased ability to share data and integrate other programs. Plus, you have the ability to access your data anytime, anywhere.

Roubler is a cloud based software that integrates all aspects of HR into one easy to use system. With Roubler’s cloud-based workforce management software, you can manage all HR systems from your mobile device. Recruit and onboard a new employee, create a roster, approve time and attendance data, and manage payroll from anywhere, anytime via Roubler’s app. It’s never been easier to manage your entire workforce’s HR needs.

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