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The Nine Apps You Should Be Using for Business

Business owners are always on the lookout for some new way to stream their business operations and improve their overall productivity. This could mean increasing profits, improving efficiency, saving time, or fostering a more positive work environment. In today’s day and age, this can be accomplished simply by downloading an app. Below are nine of the must use apps for business that when used properly and in conjunction, can produce some remarkable results.


Designed to allow individuals and group to communicate simultaneously, this application organises chats into corresponding channels and actually links up with your existing media platforms. Searching back through old chat history is easy to locate files or important messages. Many offices are opting to use Slack over email itself.


The go to for straight forward video calls. Not only is it simple to use, but it’s also completely free. One of its recent updates includes “Skype Meeting” which allows you to invite multiple people to a chat for a video conference. This allows for the easy group sharing of information and important files.


Boasting an attractive interface and an effective list-making function, this application allows you to create lists and share them with your team so everyone’s aware of who’s doing what. You can even place deadlines, notes and corresponding files on each task.


This innovative tool allows you and your employees to streamline expense reporting and approving said expenses. By organising all of your business’s spending, Expensify allows you to seamlessly feed this information into business programs such as NetSuite or Quickbooks. This is a perfect solution for those who often lose track of receipts.


For working professionals who travel frequently, this is the tool for you. Whether it be an upcoming business flight, staying at multiple hotels, or trekking all across the city to attend conferences, you can put it all in Triplt. This handy travel organiser app will become a life saver for those super busy workers who are constantly travelling.


If you’re one to always jot down notes and record important information, this organisational tool will make your life a lot easier. You can actually scan documents directly into the program and then do with them as you please. Keep them somewhere safe, share them with your colleagues, or keep them on hand to refer to at a moment’s notice.

Rescue Time

If you’ve always wondered how you spend your time on the computer in any given day, this background program will serve as an eye opener. By monitoring your daily activity on both mobiles and computers, you’ll gain an insight into what websites or programs you’re using more frequently. It can even block certain sites, or warn you when you’ve spent too much time doing one thing.


Used primarily for resource planning (ERP) and a number of other functions, this is one of the fastest growing financial management apps on the market. You can integrate it with different applications and manage the overall needs of your employees on a day to day basis.


With over 200 million users currently, this cloud storage application will quickly become your best friend. Store all of your important information, files, videos and photos in one convenient location and have easy access to them at all times from a range of devices. An added bonus is that if you ever lose your original copies, you’ll always have a backup copy safely stored on the cloud.

That’s all folks. While this list is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the full suite of immensely useful business apps out there, it’s a solid start. Let us know what your favourite app is in the comments below!



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