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Roubler + PS. Cafe

Discover how Roubler helped PS. Cafe achieve significant cost savings by understanding exactly how much they were spending on wages each week.

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Inspired by Australia’s thriving cafe scene, PS. Cafe is famous for its chic interiors and alfresco dining experience. With 12 locations across Singapore, PS. Cafe relies on Roubler’s robust workforce management system to support their growing business.

The challenge

The PS. Cafe team was faced with the task of managing more than 550 employees across multiple sites. They relied heavily on manual data entry and legacy systems, and had little visibility over the KPIs that would drive business success.

Roubler provided a seamless all-in-one solution, enabling PS. Cafe to create fully-costed rotas, gain visibility over workforce management expenses, and make informed decisions that would help their business thrive.

The results

With Roubler’s workforce management software, PS. Cafe has:

  • Complete visibility across all 12 sites
  • Greater data integrity and real-time analytics
  • Automatic rota costings
  • Reduced staffing costs
  • Improved decision making
  • Eliminated manual data entry
  • Boosted productivity.

Roubler is easy, simple and time-efficient.”


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