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Best Practice Employee Onboarding

  • Implement fundamentals prior to the employee’s commencement date
  • Ensure the employee receives a welcoming presence on their first day
  • Implement an orientation program
  • Use a checklist to ensure everything you wanted to cover is covered
  • Encourage feedback from new employees and continuously aim to improve the process
  • Ensure the new employee understands expectations of them as far as timelines, responsibilities and their role in concerned.
  • Encourage the employee to ask questions, to ensure they are clear on all areas of the on boarding process

Why is onboarding so important?

A new employee needs to feel welcomed and supported from the day they commence to enable them, to flourish and be productive as soon as possible. New employees, on average have about 3 months to prove themselves to the organisation, so why not help them feel conformable from the beginning. This will benefit not only the new hire, but also the organisation as you will be able to make a reasonable judgement as to whether they are a good fit confidently knowing they have been provided with all the tools and information they require during the on boarding process.

Successful on boarding will have the employee feeling prepared and confident to perform their role and ultimately contribute to the organisation’s goals sooner.

On-boarding is the process of welcoming a new employee into an organisation and helping them adjust to the new role by providing them with the necessary tools.
Typically the on boarding process will allow the new employee to have a better understanding of the company’s history, future goals, values and culture.

On boarding also provides opportunity for current employees and managers to dedicate time to introduce themselves and their role to the new employee. This helps provide greater role clarity, allowing them to understand the big picture and provide meaning and purpose to their job.

Whether a formal or informal process, every company has some kind of on boarding process. Those companies who implement a successful on boarding process generally implement a more formal process.

Some long term benefits of implementing a successful on boarding program include:

  • low rates of employee turnover
  • overall customer satisfaction
  • time to productivity
  • improving the bottom line
  • lowered stress
  • career effectiveness
  • higher performance levels

Best practice on boarding would see an organisation provide appropriate:

  • Compliance – providing the employee with access to all company policies and procedures
  • Clarification – ensure employee understand their job description and the organisations expectation of them
  • Culture – making the employee aware of organisational norms and acceptable behaviours
  • Connection – providing the link between their role and the roles of others within the organisation

Research has shown that companies who fail to implement successful on-boarding programs often only cover one or two of the above areas. It’s common for companies to include compliance in their induction program alongside culture, however they miss out on clarification and connection. Meaning the new employee is not provided with the appropriate information to allow them to fully understand what is expected of them while performing their role nor are they provided with information around other business units. This can hinder the time it takes for them to understand how each of the business units work together to achieve the organisations common goals.

If the time is taken to cover the 4 areas in the initial on boarding process, the individual will feel more confident in performing their role and will be productive sooner.

Can Roubler store the image of a signed contract?

Roubler’s software provides an employee profile management portal where all employee information, including signed employment agreements and contracts are located. These are able to downloaded and printed as required

Can Roubler print an employee contract?

Roubler’s software provides an employee profile management portal where all employee information, including employment agreements and contracts are located. These are able to downloaded and printed as required.

Can Roubler distribute an electronic version of an employee contract to the employee and accept electronic acceptance of the contract?

At the completion of an employee onboarding the employee is emailed a copy of employment agreement along with policies and procedures they have electronically signed during the onboarding process. These documents are also stored within the employee profile section on the Roubler platform that are accessible by employer and employee.

Does Roubler provide the ability for employers to include their own approved industrial relations agreement into the onboarding?

Roubler provides a fully customisable and completely paperless onboarding system. Employers and franchisors are able to include any specific policies, procedures or specific documentation required to be electronically signed by new employees when onboarding to the specific business unit or franchise.

Can Roubler generate employment contracts tailored to the employee for the applicable Fair Work Modern Award?

Roubler’s fully customisable onboarding module allows for employment contract signing and document storage. Employment contracts are setup to automatically incorporate unique employee detail including applicable modern award classifications. Roubler currently has 40+ modern awards built into our payroll engine with audits completed annually with Fair Work Australia. Additionally, Roubler’s award interpretations and industrial relations are audited by KPMG.

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