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Learning Management System

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How do I keep track of learning and development activities of my staff?

It is important to keep track of the learning and development activities of your staff. This may be more important in some industries than others (for example, where a training course is necessary to gain accreditation or a licence to do something required by the business – e.g. Responsible Service or Alcohol License). In these circumstances, it will be the businesses responsibility to ensure that all staff are trained and hold the appropriate certificates in order to perform their jobs. Depending on the industry and the certificate/license/training activity required, there may be penalties for non-compliance or failure to keep accurate records.
As a matter of best practice, records of learning and development activities should reasonably include:

  • date of training;
  • provider of training;
  • evidence of employee attendance at training;
  • any relevant certificates/licenses/evidence obtained;
  • whether the employer paid for the training or not;
  • Results (if applicable) of training (e.g. test scores, assignment results etc.); and
  • The date for renewal or next training course to be attended.

Good ways of keeping records include:

  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS’s). If applicable, recording learning and development activities in an employee file in your organisation’s HRIS is usually the most obvious way of recording these activities. HRIS systems are typically linked to the payroll function where learning and development information may be used to calculate higher rates of pay for employees with specific skills (generally relates to award covered employees);
  • Excel spread sheets. Whilst not the most technical of recording systems, this is still an effective way of keeping track of learning and development activities within an organisation. Importantly, maintenance of the spread sheet needs to be conducted to ensure accuracy when employees undertake new L+D tasks, and inclusion of all relevant fields (see above);
  • Keeping physical records of what learning and development activities employees have been involved in.
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