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Three challenges about using intelligent machines managers need to understand As technology progresses, many companies are using intelligent …

03 Sep 2018 /
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Deploying a new HR technology software system brings with it a whole host of challenges from migrating data …

02 Aug 2018 /
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*Please note that Roubler does not offer products or services that include GPS or fingerprint/biometric detail capture technology. …

25 Jul 2018 /
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Upheaving your workplace to make a digital change may seem a daunting task. Unlike the hacking montages in …

06 Jun 2018 /
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Decoding the types of human resource software and applications available can be baffling. There are a lot of …

25 May 2018 /
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Time and attendance tracking can be a murky business for an employer. Time theft can be a silent …

15 May 2018 /
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