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Seamless & easy job posting software

Post to over 1500 job boards in New Zealand & globally within seconds.

Save hundreds of hours.

Multiple job board within seconds

Our job board network extends to over 1500 job boards in New Zealand and globally. Save time and money instantly posting to all your job boards, Facebook jobs, Linkedin and your careers page in seconds

  • Extensive global network of job boards
  • Instantly post to your social networks
  • Report, delete or change adverts instantly through the one system

Save hundreds on job board costs

The cost of Roubler searching and advertising on your behalf is 50-70% saving on all recruitment advertising.

  • Access to Roubler’s New Zealand and global network of job boards
  • Branded job board advertising
  • One recruitment solution

Cloud Based Recruiting Software

Roubler’s web and mobile, New Zealand based recruitment software provides hiring managers with access anytime, anywhere.

  • Post job adverts on any Iphone or android device
  • Tablet or desktop
  • Cloud based HR software

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