Free working from home policy Template

Free working from home policy Template

Download a free working from home policy template

Save time and Download your Free Working From Home Policy Template

The purpose of this policy is to provide employees with the flexible option to work from home where appropriate. The intent of this policy is to endeavor to ensure that:

  • Work that needs to be performed in an environment where creativity and development can flourish without disturbances that cannot be provided in an open plan workspace, and
  • Circumstances exist where family – life balance will assist the organisation in retaining valuable staff and reduce the cost associated with turnover.

It is not the intention of this policy to enable staff to work from home on a regular basis so as to substitute or reduce regular child care arrangements that would normally be needed during work hours. Work from home may be entered into by a mutual agreement between the organisation and the employee on a case by case basis.

Working from home Policy Template download includes:

  • The main purpose of working from home
  • Working from home policies
  • The main objectives of working from home
  • Work life balance
  • Case by case basis working from home
  • Retaining valuable staff
  • Suitable equipment has been provided
  • Rest breaks and hours of work have been discussed
  • Open lines of communication
  • Mutual agreement from working from home
Free working from home policy Template