Free Employee Return to Work Policy Template

Free Employee Return to Work Policy Template

Download a free staff return to work policy template

Save time and Download your Free Employee Return To Work Policy Template

We value the health and safety of our workers.  We are committed to providing a safe workplace. This policy provides a framework to ensure that workers return to work following an injury safely and effectively. provide to the worker suitable employment, taking into account the capacity of the worker as a result of the injury; and pre-injury employment, if the worker no longer has an incapacity to work, plan the worker’s return to work by:

  • obtaining relevant information about the worker’s capacity to work;
  • considering reasonable workplace support, aids or modifications to assist in the worker’s return to work;
  • assessing and proposing options for suitable employment and pre-injury employment; and
  • consulting with relevant parties;

Staff return to work policy template download includes:

  • Staff employee obligations when returning to work
  • Employer obligations for staff returning to work
  • Workers compensation guidelines
  • Finding suitable employment
  • Assessing and proposing return to work options
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Notify manager of the injury
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Workplace support
  • Workplace aids to assist staff In return to work
Free Employee Return to Work Policy Template