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The hospitality industry in New Zealand is a hastily moving environment with high levels of employee turnover and very challenging clientele. We understand that you are pushed for time as an employer and have to balance trying to reduce costs with maintaining high standards of service. That’s where we come in.

Roubler is the only end-to-end HR solution that is fully integrated and designed to address key issues within the hospitality industry. It’s an easy, simplified approach to HR that will deliver exceptional results for your organisation and improve savings, productivity and efficiency. As a result, you’ll improve profitability and wonder how you ever managed without it.

How it works
  • Cut down time spent inducting and training

    New employees are given industry-specific training and induction through Roubler to ensure they are job-ready when joining your workforce. Seamlessly integrate your own programs or allow Roubler to access third-party programs for flexible employee inductions that reduce your responsibilities without any compromise on performance and productivity.

  • Manage effectively within a fast-paced environment

    Roubler gives you real-time online access to data and a host of instant functions so that you can keep up with fast-paced environments in the workplace.

  • Easily cope with absences

    Quickly fill last minute vacancies via Roubler’s app. Instantly send a message to a staff member with availability to fill the position in just minutes.

End to End Features

Roubler’s recruitment tool ensures you have the best possible choice of potential employees. Generate a careers page that reflects your hospitality business’s culture, and we’ll share your job ad across several recruitment sites. This gives you access to the optimal candidate pool.

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After you have posted a vacancy through Roubler, potential candidates will be automatically screened and ranked on past job performance, workplace fit and suitability with regard to your specific job requirements. This process uses inbuilt machine learning algorithms and online intelligence to refine results and provide you with the best possible candidates as per the requirements of your hospitality organisation and the culture of your workplace.

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No hard copies, double handling or data entry. Roubler uses fully-integrated automation to pre-fill employee information based on their resume. If more information is required, Roubler will source it directly from the employee through a mobile self-service interface to eliminate your HR workload and free up time for more important tasks. Plus, our onboarding software is customisable, so you can tailor the information each employee receives in their induction.

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Roubler uses optimum performance/cost ratios as part of an automated rostering process. The best skill/candidate/cost balance is predicated to ensure your roster is set for maximum performance at the minimum cost.

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Roubler allows employees to sign in and out in real-time with an online timeclock accessible through their own mobile or a designated device in the workplace. Employees are reminded to sign in when detected within 15 metres of the workplace and will ensure they sign in at the scheduled start of the shift, rather than at the time of arrival. These automated processes help you gather precise data in real-time while preventing dishonest behavior and time theft.

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Roubler’s unique business analytics tool gives you complete visibility across your staff’s performance. You can see exactly which of your employees are performing and which aren’t, so that you can ensure the optimal performance of your business at all times.

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The hospitality industry juggles an intricate mix of causal, part-time, full-time and contracted workers. As a result, payroll processes are rarely straightforward, and very susceptible to error. A small mistake can lead to fines, forced backpay, and even media critique. Let Roubler look after your payroll to ensure a completely compliant, correct, and on-time pay run.

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