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Employee self service

HR Glossary

Employee self service

Employee self-service (ESS) refers to online applications and programs that provide employees a login to access their own personal details and payroll records. Employee self-service applications allow staff members to update their own contact and payroll details, as opposed to hiring an administrator to enter these details for all employees across the company. Employee self-service can be implemented as a measure to save time and money in the administration department.

Functions that can be handled by employee self-service include:

Paperwork: Printing out, filling out, and entering in details from paperwork is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. It also requires a staff member to be tasked specifically uploading signed paperwork to the system – a use of company resources that could be better engaged elsewhere. Employee self-service completely eliminates this. Paperwork is simply uploaded to the system, and each employee just needs to download, read, sign, and re upload to the system. It’s that simple.
Personal details: Employee self service allows each employee to enter their own personal details. This is an easy way to decrease the chance of data entry errors. A small error in birth date could result in payroll errors and forced backpay. Avoid the risk with ESS.
Pay details: ESS allows employees to enter their own Tax File Number, Superannuation Fund, and preffered bank account details for pay. With ESS you can rest assured that each of these details is correct.
Timesheets: Have employees commit their own hours, and approve them before pay.

When employees enter these details themselves, it drastically reduces the likelihood of double handling and data entry errors. Plus, if any of their details change during their time of employment, staff don’t need to pester management, they can simply update their address/bank account themselves.

Roubler’s integrated employee self-service function allows staff members to manage all aspects of their personal HR. Employees can access, change and manage their payroll and bank account details, manage their timesheets, and submit their own leave and expense requests. All of these changes operate in real-time, so an employee can be paid into the right account just minutes after updating it. Eliminate data entry errors and reduce the cost of payroll processing.

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