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Managing Young People to Benefit Your Workplace

It can be difficult to manage youth at work. On one hand, they’re eager to learn. On the other, they may think they know everything, and could respond badly to criticism. Take the time to understand young people and you’ll be able to maximise their exuberance while working around their shortcomings.

Provide them responsibility

Giving people their own projects to manage is key to creating an engaged workforce. Without feeling like they have ownership over a task, people won’t be motivated to do their best work. On the converse, having their own tasks forces them to discover answers and respond to feedback.

Listen to their feedback

Even if they haven’t spent many years in the workforce, younger employees are creative, able to find ways to complete tasks quicker and better. Coach your younger employees to find ways to improve their performance and encourage creativity. Then listen to what they have to say. It could save you time and money in the long run.

Follow SMART goal-setting principles

The SMART model for setting goals is as follows: Specific, Measureable, Assignable, Realistic, Time Based. Follow these guidelines for setting business goals and teach it to your younger workers. They’ll be able to set very achievable goals and you’ll be able to track their progress over time.

Using SMART can also be a useful way to give feedback. Your employees will see that you were fair in assessing their performance.

Practice what you preach

If you say one thing but do another, how do you expect your employees to follow suit? Set an example by putting your phone away during the workday and being ultra-productive. Your younger workers will be able to follow suit and will even treat you with more respect.

Treating your younger workers right from the beginning sets you on the path to a productive, dedicated workforce later on. If you start them off on the right foot, they’re likely to stay with you across their career, developing their own skills along the way.

Send us your other tips on motivating your Gen-Y employees.


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