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Find Social Media Success By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Young people are increasingly lax with what they post on social media. Instead of being careful of posting anything that might land them in hot water, they’ve begun to press Publish on the most questionable content. When you next take to social media, keep these things in mind.

Don’t lie

Much like lying on your CV, telling fibs on social media is a big no-no. The top culprit? Being tagged going out somewhere when you’ve begged your boss for a sick day. You’ll most certainly be caught out.

Revealing sensitive information

If you’re in a job where privacy is key, keep this in mind on social. Most government and creative institutions make you sign non-disclosure agreements that prevent you leaking private info. Think twice about leaking anything to the world wide web.


No one likes a serial complainer, but whining about work can get you into far more trouble than just your friends being annoyed at you. If you have colleagues on your Facebook feed, your angry outburst could lead you into trouble – we’ve even heard of people being fired over their posts. Stay safe.


This is a big one: don’t abuse anyone over the internet – ever. Not only will you damage the person who you’re abusing, but your argument will reflect badly on your company as a whole. There has been many a news story where people have lost their jobs over lack of decorum on social media.

Sharing distasteful content

Something that you think is funny might deeply offend another person. Don’t post anything that might denigrate, humiliate or degrade – this includes people you know, celebrities and strangers.

It’s also quite distasteful to jump on board global tragedies to promote your business; keep a sense of social conscience when you hit social media, and all will go well.

Don’t discuss certain topics

The rule is clear: if you wouldn’t talk about it at a polite dinner party, it doesn’t belong on social media. This includes any opinions on religion or politics – all the topics that are likely to offend. Don’t give people a reason to change their opinion of you, or a reason to start an argument with your workmates.

If you have some more tips on how to keep yourself out of trouble on social media, feel free to share them with us.


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