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The Skills You Need To Master To Be a Human Resources Expert

Those who work in human resources need possess a certain skillset which makes them indispensable to any given company. Working in this particular field can be a challenge, so here are a few essential skills you will need to excel in a HR department.

Organisation skills

First and foremost, anyone working in human resource management needs to be highly organised. To best accomplish this, it’s key to have a straight-forward filing system and not allow your desk to get turned into a mess. When somebody requests a specific file, you are expected to know exactly where it is at any given time. This is why having a tidy workstation will work in your favour and cut down on any wasted time.


Having the proper communication skills is undoubtedly one of the most important skills a human resources professional must possess. Whether this be discussing terms with current or potential employees, or regularly communicating with senior management, you will be expected to have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

In today’s day and age, HR professionals must be able to communicate across a variety of mediums, including email, social media, internal intranet portals, as well as in front of small or large groups. You must also be comfortable speaking with varying personality types and the different styles of communication they employ.

Interpersonal skills

When it comes to sourcing the most appropriate talent to match your company’s needs, this process can be rather time consuming and challenging at times. Having excellent decision-making skills is essential for a HR professional to ensure they’re able to make candidate short-lists without delay. This also means possessing both interpersonal skills and maintaining proper communication with the candidates throughout the hiring process.

Negotiating prowess

To be a successful member of the HR department, you simply must be a good negotiator. As you are most likely to often find yourself as the mediator between two opposing parties, you will need to be able to negotiate appropriate terms to keep everybody happy. You must remain rational and calm throughout the process and not let your personal judgment influence your decision. Reaching an agreeable middle-ground is the most desirable outcome for all involved.


As the HR manager, you will be flooded with multiple questions, queries and problems that you’ll be expected to resolve within the workplace. This is why you must have exceptional multitasking skills to be able to work on several issues at once. Many larger corporations operate in fast paced environments and need rapid solutions to any number of problems on a given day. How well you juggle these tasks will make all the difference between a functioning workplace and anarchy.

Conflict resolution and problem solving

It doesn’t matter the industry or size of the business, in any workplace there will be employees who simply don’t gel with one another. It falls to the HR department to find a solution that will allow everyone to work together in harmony. This means you will be required to think outside the box and employ some problem solving tactics. This could mean finding a compromise, listening to both sides of the story and mediating, or coming up with another solution to resolve the problem amicably.

Discrete and ethical obligations

It falls to you as the HR manager to find the ethical middle ground between upper management and employees. This means you will essentially serve as the conscience of business and ensure the proper regulations are followed by everyone involved. Sometimes this involves speaking up when policies are not being followed. You must also treat confidential information from staff with care, and be discrete at all times to ensure you don’t disclose private knowledge to another person.

Ultimately, your aim as the human resources manager is to optimise the productivity of the business by identifying and retaining top talent with a positive and functional work atmosphere. If you have all of the above HR skills, then you will most definitely succeed in this particular professional


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