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Time to Re-Evaluate Your LinkedIn Profile? Follow These Tips

So, you’ve resurfaced that dusty LinkedIn profile you created X moons ago and it’s looking a little grim. You’ve got the bare bones structure, but it’s really not saying much or selling you as a brand. (In fact, I think I just spotted a tumbleweed roll by).

With almost everything transitioning to the digital world these days, LinkedIn is a popular place to get yourself noticed as a professional. Potential employees will often go here to suss you out before making that all-important hiring decision, and so it’s imperative that you make a shining first impression.

There are a few core pillars to achieving this…

Make sure your information is relevant to the career you are interested in

We’ve all worked those part-time jobs during high school or uni, but they rarely have much to do with the professional direction we are now striving towards. Scratch that three years of work at the local deli off your LinkedIn profile, and stick to experience that is relevant.

Pro tip: If you’re fresh out of uni and don’t have much to back yourself up yet, remember that you can always make the most of internships you have undertaken. Furthermore, you can find ways to draw valuable skills from those odd jobs you dabbled in (e.g. focus on the fact that you accumulated strong communication skills during your deli days).

Keep your profile up-to-date and chronological

Often when you update your LinkedIn profile, an email notification will be sent to your connections, therefore it’s a good idea to keep on top of this. Whenever something new occurs in your career path, such as a promotion or a new qualification, add it to your profile.

Pro tip: If you haven’t had anything new to add for a while, make the most of events such as upcoming work functions that you can take a snap of and post. As time moves on and the update becomes a little stale, simply remove and refresh.

Refrain from going overboard

Your hard-copy resume has definitive borders to abide by (lest your words begin to fall off the page) – similarly, you should exercise restraint when putting together your LinkedIn profile. Just because the digital canvas gives you a lot more freedom doesn’t mean you should fill it up with blurbs about yourself.

Pro tip: Use dot points and short, sharp sentences. Employees don’t want to have to dig through paragraphs of information just to elicit the important bits.

Tell the truth

Thanks to the beauty of social media and the worldwide web, it’s hard to hide behind falsehoods or seemingly innocent extensions of the truth. Keep your LinkedIn profile accurate – after all, if a potential employee looks you up and discovers you haven’t exactly been truthful, your chances of getting hired are pretty much immediately extinguished.

Pro tip: Forget about feeling inadequate. Yes, it is competitive out there, but employees are far more likely to hire someone who can prove themselves honest than someone whose main talent is lying. If you have managed to abide by each of the previous points, you will be well on your way to polishing a professional-looking profile, even if you’re not a star player in the game.


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