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Job Seeking Methods to Help You Land Your Dream Career

Research has shown that in this increasingly competitive market, job seekers are finding it difficult to find work, even with the right qualifications. Even when you’re experienced and hardworking, qualified and passionate, you need to adopt a new strategy to stand out from the crowd.


This means going to the right functions and events to meet the right people. Simply mention in passing that you’re seeking a job and if a company is looking to fill a position quickly and know you’re interested, they most likely won’t look further than you.


When this platform first emerged, it came across as try-hard professional equivalent of Facebook. However, it has since been sold to Microsoft for 26.2 and everyday new people are finding jobs through this networking and job seeking website. As opposed to Facebook, where users are typically posting pictures of their party-filled weekends, LinkedIn cultivates a more professional following. Whether getting headhunted due to your profile, or finding an opportunity posted on somebody else’s profile, you will be opened up to a brand new world of career possibilities. It’s also worthwhile to keep your profile updated, follow those you wish to be employed by, and most importantly, get your name out there.


While this site is also fantastic for scoring a great deal on a basically brand new toaster, or to dispose of that unwanted and barely used ab cruncher, it’s also another platform to find job opportunities. If you phrase your search correctly, there’s all manner of relevant jobs out there that you can uncover.


Serving as the Google equivalent to job hunting, this platform allows you to view hundreds of viable jobs currently running in your field of choice. By allowing you to upload a customised CV and cover letter, applying for each job is as straightforward as hitting a few buttons. Personalising each cover letter will greatly improve your chances of scoring an interview as it demonstrates you have taken the time to find out about their brand and demonstrate said knowledge.

While Seek is fantastic for applying to dozens of different jobs at any given time, it almost means that employers are receiving mountains of applications per job ad. To stand out from the crowd, addressing the company owner’s name in the cover letter could be all it takes.

Regularly check the brand’s social media and website

Sometimes you have a specific company in mind when you think of your dream job. In these cases, don’t wait for them to post a job ad on seek, set a Google alert for news from that brand, follow them on social media and check their website careers page regularly. That way, you’ll be the first to know when they’re looking for someone with your skillset.

Read the newspaper

This tired and true method of scanning the jobs pages still works. While the newer generations are relying more and more on social media and online platforms to find employment, it is often the older generations who are hiring. As they were accustomed to finding work in the newspaper, they may be more inclined to stick to the traditional techniques instead of migrating online. This means you may be able to find an exciting opportunity that others overlooked by remaining solely online.

Leveraging Facebook

Facebook has helped release the inner “stalker” inside all of us. Allowing us to check up on our exes from several years ago and comparing our success to that of certain people from high school, we’re all guilty of wasting countless hours on it. Not only great for procrastination, Facebook can also be a very useful tool when it comes to job hunting.

Start by joining all of the Facebook groups focusing on your career of choice. If you’re unsure what to even begin searching, think outside the box a little. It could be a digital marketing appreciation group, a law society at a local university, or maybe even a lovers of animals group for those looking to get into a veterinary position.

These types of pages are always posting links to relevant job opportunities and if they’re big enough, employers will actually go to the admins first to spread word of their job ad among interested and knowledgeable job seekers.

Moreover, simply touching base with people who you know in the industry can lead to an opportunity. It’s all about who you know after all, and they might know a guy who knows a guy.

Going door to door

If you’ve tried all of the above suggestions and you’re still not making any headway, there is always one last faithful method you have in your job seeking arsenal. Even though there are more and more ways to connect and engage with prospective employers, there’s always the option of going back to basics and visiting a business in-person.

This means hitting the pavements, making the most of that public transport, or filling up your car’s tank and printing off a stack of resumes with personalised cover letters.

Not only does this show initiative and confidence, it also helps put a face with your resume and just maybe this will help the employer remember you above the other applicants.


Utilising all of these methods to their best potential can be a tedious and on-going task, but will ultimately pay off in the long run. Make a habit out of searching for jobs the same way every morning, just like how you’d get ready for a job using the same routine. Before long you’ll find yourself doing it instinctively and it won’t feel like so much of a chore.



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