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Why Investing in Training Employees Is Vital

Whenever there comes a time to cut costs as a business, oftentimes it’s the employee training that’s one of the first to go. Usually, it’s quite a costly and time-consuming venture, and the benefits aren’t seen immediately profit-wise. At the end of the day, by removing employee training programs you’re freeing up the budget for other things.

Conversely, if you end up getting rid of all the training for your employees, you’re actually causing a negative effect and, ultimately, increasing operational costs. You could be under the impression that the only people who require training are in senior positions in the company. Perhaps you have the opinion that training is only necessary one time to teach staff the basics. Or maybe you’re concerned about investing in comprehensive training programs, only for your employees to be poached by industry competitors. Whatever the case may be, you need to look at employee training differently – as an investment in your company’s future.

Employees who are trained well are more loyal

When comparing trained versus untrained employees, you’ll find that trained employees have much less of a chance to quit. This is due to their having a deep understanding and confidence in the work they’re doing, paired with the fact that they feel valued as you’ve spent money and time to get them to their level. On the other hand, an untrained employee will find it difficult to keep their head above water as they aren’t sure exactly how to do their job to the company’s standards.

So what are some of the effects when a staff member quits?

  • Replacing them is a costly and time-consuming process
  • It’s detrimental to the atmosphere of the team to lose a member
  • Your clients may question your company culture when they notice how high the staff turnover is

While employee training might be a reasonably costly avenue to go down, the end most definitely justifies the means in this case – you won’t have to advertise the new position, interview candidates, and everything else involved with hiring anew.

Employees that are trained will be more positive as a whole

When a staff member doesn’t have the training to complete the jobs that are given to them, they’ll no doubt feel self-conscious and inadequate for the position, second-guessing everything they do. Consider how they would feel if weeks passed and they’d contributed very little – their level of motivation would become less and less until they wouldn’t even want to come into work at all. It’s clear that an employee who knows and fully understands their responsibilities and how to complete the tasks they’re given is more motivated to come to work. And employees who actually want to come to work will boost overall workplace morale.

Give them the tools to achieve and surpass their professional goals.

Lower costs and raise customer service with trained employees

An employee who lacks the proper training may bring the following negative qualities to the table:

  • Inefficiency in workplace practices
  • Unable to provide a high level of customer service
  • Lack productivity
  • Be short of essential knowledge regarding your company’s products and/or services

Reading through the above points, you can better understand that an untrained employee may very well be costing you money. Training is integral if you want to save money down the track, as a staff member who receives the right training will push themselves hard to provide the kind of service that’s in the best interests of your company at all times. On the contrary, if you have someone who lacks this training, they’ll be focusing on learning everything they need to as they go, unable to focus 100% on the customer and their needs.

Never forget your newest hires

If you’ve ever thought of entry-level employees as somewhat insignificant – don’t. Who do your customers deal with when they walk into your store? Or contact your help desk by calling or emailing? That’s right – it’s the entry-level staff members. Customers don’t concern themselves with the back end stuff of your business, nor do they even care. The only thing they’re interested in is getting the best possible service, and for this reason it’s vital that every single one of your employees has the right training for their job. An extensive training regime for running a cash register might be a bit much, but what about giving them training in delivering outstanding customer service? Or even upselling products? This can make a big difference in your customers’ overall experience.

A few tips to assist your newest employees get ahead

  • Communication is key, so make sure they’re armed with the training to do it well. Smiling, nodding their heads when appropriate and looking at people in their eyes are just three things to teach them.
  • Teach them how to be proactive. Once they’ve completed one thing, they should be always looking for something else to do.
  • Conflict resolution is very important not just in business but life in general. Teach them ways to diffuse problems from irate customers, and ensure they feel comfortable to speak with you if they’re unable to resolve the situation themselves.

Entry-level positions are many people’s first job out of school/university, and investing the right amount of training helps your business thrive as well as their development as professionals.


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