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The retail industry is one of South Africa’s most competitive industries with the rise of online shopping and store expansion by international retailers. It’s also one of the sectors most susceptible to economic stability and fluctuating exchange rates. With high employee turnover and smaller candidate pools, it’s becoming more important to source the right hires who are the right fit. That’s where we can help.

Roubler brings all your retail HR and workforce management processes into one fully integrated platform. Replacing your outdated practices with Roubler is the easiest operational change you can make to dramatically improve results through increased efficiency, productivity, savings and profitability.

How it works
  • Reduce staff turnover by auto-rostering to their shift preferences

    Roubler uses a cutting-edge learning algorithm to auto-fill the roster based on the employees preferred shifts along with the shifts that are conducive to their best performance. This helps improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover without sacrifice on productivity.

  • Increase efficiencies through multi-store rostering

    Roubler enables you to roster for a single store or across multiple stores from one location. Use a mixed roster or allocate staff across multiple locations for increased flexibility and efficiency.

  • Hire ‘best fit’ retail staff

    Hiring the right personality fit is important in the retail sector, especially when you’re trying to maintain a particular culture across a multi-store environment. Roubler helps you hire candidates that truly fit your organisation through a combination of online intelligence and inbuilt machine learning algorithms. Individual candidates are ranked not just on their skills and experience but also on past performance and how well they fit the culture of your workplace. This approach both streamlines the process and ensures you always hire the best possible candidates for your organisation.

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