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  • Easily manage a FIFO workforce and improve communications

    Regardless of whether your employees are onsite, they have 24/7 access via their mobile to view their Roubler profile page. This page provides a self-service capability whereby employees can view their rosters, update their personal and payroll details, view earnings, access payroll information and history, download payslips, update tickets, licences, qualifications and lodge leave requests. Roubler also takes the communication hassles out of rostering and manages it all by notifying the employee directly about any new rosters, changes or shift reminders through SMS, email and push notifications. Roubler provides instant communication between the employer and employee, a key feature when managing a remote, multi-site workforce such as mining & resources.

  • Streamline training to ensure licences and qualifications are maintained

    Roubler can issue training to any of your employees, anywhere, at any time. Training can be allocated individually, by position or as required. Easily modify your training packages, or access them through your preferred supplier, using Roubler’s third-party integration. Ensuring your employees are up-to-date with any changes in the mining and resources industry will heighten your workforce productivity and profitability.

  • Manage remote, multi-sites efficiently

    Roubler enables you to hire, roster, manage and pay a single site or across multiple sites, from one location. Increase efficiencies through Roubler by using staff across different sites or utilising flexible roster mix options. Communicating with staff has never been easier with staff having 24/7 access to their personal profiles as well as SMS, email and push notifications about shift details, reminders or changes.


Your workload requires a new employee on site, stat. Create a job ad detailing exactly what you’re searching for, and Roubler will post it to hundreds of job boards. We’ll search through the masses for the perfect employee so you don’t have to.

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You’re time pressed as it is without having to read through hundreds of applications to your job ad. With Roubler, you don’t have to. Our intelligent algorithm will analyse all resumes submitted, and compare them to your precise needs and workplace culture. We’ll show you the top 10% of employees that will drive the success of your mining company.

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Each mining and resources company requires specific onboarding processes in order to best prepare employees for the tasks ahead. At Roubler, we get this. So, we allow our onboarding tools to be completely adapted to exactly what each of your new employees need. Have each new member of your team ready to go on site from their first shift.

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Managing a large workforce over several sites can be a nightmare for rostering. Roubler’s intelligent software can automatically generate the optimal roster, taking into account employee availability, and which shifts are conducive to best performance. Experience time efficient and effective rostering.

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Time and Attendance

You can’t be at all sites at once, so time and attendance can become an issue. Not with Roubler. Our inbuilt time clock ensures that each employee clocks in and out of their scheduled shift. You can approve time sheets for several sites in just seconds with a simple swipe. All approved hours are submitted into the payroll portal. Save hours of manual data entry and avoid hour errors.

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Business Intelligence.

Keep track of employee performance and site-wide safety. Roubler minimises your workforce’s safety risk by ensuring your employees have undertaken the necessary safety training requirements at specific stages throughout their employee lifecycle. Roubler also conducts a safety check when the employee is signing out to ensure no safety incidents occurred during the shift. This check avoids any surprise claims from being lodged at a later date.

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Fully managed payroll

In the mining industry, your workforce can consist of a wide range of ages, contracts, and hours, so it’s easy to fall behind on the current state of your payroll. Any minor pay mistakes can result in fines, forced employee backpay, and an unsavoury media image of your company. With Roubler, you’ll never worry about payroll again – we will make sure your payroll is always compliant, punctual and reliable.

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