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  • Have employees update their own details

    Employees can view their personalised information and make updates at any time through their Roubler employee profile page. Greater employee self-sufficiency reduces double-handling of information, alleviates your administrative workload and reduces the risk of errors.

  • Streamline your recruitment process

    Use Roubler’s job advertisement template to select your candidate requirements such as education and certifications. With one click, Roubler will automatically search within its exclusive talent pool and post your job across multiple job boards to capture the attention of hundreds of job seekers. Roubler will then automatically shortlist and rank which applicants are most suitable for your specific workforce requirements, ready for your swipe of approval.

  • Relinquish the burden of HR admin

    Completely eliminate paper, data entry and double-handling from your workforce. Roubler’s fully integrated, automated platform scans data from resumes and pre-fills information for you. Any missing information is entered once by your employee, through their self-service profile page which is accessible from their mobile. Information and data collected by Roubler at every step of the employee lifecycle is seamlessly integrated and managed from the one platform. Roubler completely eliminates your HR admin workload.


Using our easy job template, generate a job ad that details exactly what you’re workforce is looking for. Roubler will capture the attention of thousands of potential employees, as it posts your ad across a variety of job boards. You’ll be able to hire from the best of the best.

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The hotel and tourism industry requires a very specific kind of employee, with the right temperament, skills, and experience. However, you don’t exactly have a great deal of downtime to hunt for that perfect employee. That’s where Roubler comes in. Our software will examine all submitted resumes, and track down the best potential candidates based on their suitability to your requirements. This ensures that you get the best, quality candidates who are the right match with your workplace.

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Each new employee will require a tailored induction to your workplace. With Roubler’s software, you can personalise the onboarding materials provided to each new hire. Load hotel policies, industry regulations, and safety manuals into the system so that your new employee is well equipped for their first day on the job. Plus, our system will auto-fill personal details from the resume to eliminate data entry.

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The hotel and tourism industry is 24/7. Rostering across these hours can be a real hassle when you’re doing it manually. Roubler can help. Our software will auto-create rosters based on live costings and staff productivity levels. Roster your workforce to achieve their maximum potential, and provide stellar service to visitors and tourists.

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Time and Attendance

With so many hours being clocked, time and attendance data can quickly become a mess. Roubler is designed to streamline the procedure of T&A. Employees clock in and clock out of their shift on their mobile device, and you approve the shift in seconds also via mobile. The data is imported into payroll within minutes without any paper, double-handling, or errors.

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Business Intelligence.

In the hotel and tourism industry, customer service and experience is paramount. You rely heavily on the reviews of customers and guests to drive your business. Hence, it is vital that your staff are always on their top game. Our business analytics lets you track how each of your employees is performing, so you can ensure the customer experience in your business is always flawless. Enhance the customer service in your business, and as a result heighten your turnover.

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Fully managed payroll

With such a large workforce, and variety of contracts, payroll becomes time-consuming and susceptible to error. It’s unlikely that you have a dedicated payroll officer, and hence it’s unlikely that you’re fully across the rapidly changing employment regulations. Avoid costly backpay and fines due to error by letting Roubler manage your payroll. Roubler can easily calculate the precise remuneration and you can have confidence that every pay run will be compliant and correct.

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