With lower data prices on the horizon, now is the time to invest in a cloud-based, automated HR system to poise you for success in South Africa’s growing economy.

Run a cost-effective, compliant business without the downtime.

  • Automation saves you money on staff costs: Roubler reduced the use of penalty rates and unnecessary overtime for one client by 26% in just one month!
  • Automation helps you stay compliant with labor laws, including the National Minimum Wage Act, and South African Revenue Service submissions. Pre-built rules and templates ensure every task is completed according to current laws with minimal effort.
  • Automation using a cloud-based, automated workforce management systems allow you to manage your workforce on tablets and smartphones using mobile data, reducing the interruptions caused by load shedding.
  • Automation gives you instant access to the time and attendance, payroll and labor costs statistics you need to make better business decisions that will increase revenue, reduce overhead costs and improve productivity.
  • Automating workforce management tasks like rostering and timesheets is a totally paperless way to manage your workforce helping you boost your company’s efforts to go green.

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Spend less time on administration and more time on your business.

  • Create rosters online in minutes and send them directly to your employees: Roubler’s online rostering tool helps you create rosters that maximise labour efficiency. Work schedules are sent directly to employees via our smartphone app so there’s no need to print rosters or worry about missed shifts. Learn more.
  • Never worry about lost, incomplete or incorrect timesheets: Roubler’s online timeclock app captures accurate clock-in, clock-out and break times which automatically populate timesheets ready for your approval. These timesheets are fed directly to payroll for an accurate pay run. Learn more.
  • Remove data entry from your task list: All workforce data – from employee profile details to roster patterns, schedules, time and attendance and payroll information – is captured online and kept securely on one database. Information can flow seamlessly from one task to the next eliminating the need to enter, re-key or transfer data between systems. Learn more.

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M·A·C - An automation success story.

Owned and operated by Estee Lauder, M·A·C operates in 90 countries worldwide including 19 locations in South Africa.

Roubler now helps them manage their South African workforce, enabling them to create fully-costed rosters, securely capture Time and Attendance data and manage employee details.

M·A·C went live with Roubler in November 2018 and has had tremendous success. In the space of one month, Estee Lauder's payroll department saw a reduction in the use of unplanned overtime by 26.9% and a reduction in paying Sunday rates by 13.9%.