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Roubler FAQ

I have been working in HR for some time and am ready to step up and take on more responsibility. However, I have no formal qualifications so my applications keep getting overlooked. What would you suggest I do?

It is not unusual for people to have grown ‘within the industry’ versus enter it as a result of having studied HR but sometimes qualifications can be a blocking point. The AHRI Professional Diploma of HR is the perfect course for people who have at least 2 years’ experience, with little or no formal qualifications. This course is a post-graduate program, which means you don’t have to invest years getting a bachelors’ degree in HR and can leverage off your practical experience. If you are feeling very enthusiastic to continue your studies, from this qualification you can go on to study a graduate diploma or masters of HR. For other higher education programs, you can visit the AHRI website for accredited courses.