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Where does accountability for Award interpretation and dissemination sit?

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Where does accountability for Award interpretation and dissemination sit?

Roubler will provide compliant award interpretation templates that will be automatically applied to data within Roubler. Roubler takes full accountability for award interpretation within the system and will continually self audit and 3rd party audit the quality of these interpretation templates. Where an employee’s data has been manually manipulated by a 3rd party other than Roubler, Roubler cannot be held accountable for the payroll outcome in that instance.

Roubler offers a fully managed payroll solution as an additional service for each customer. Where Roubler is processing payroll, Roubler will process data according to instruction from the employer. For e.g.; if instruction is to pay according to award rules, Roubler will provide assurance that compliance awards rules will be adhered to

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