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The Best HR Software for Every Generation

Increased access to healthcare and better conditions of work have generated an interesting situation. Within one workforce, there is the potential for up to five generations of employees.The Best HR Software for Every Generation

A modern workforce can include the Traditionalists born prior to 1945, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and the latest “iGen,” born after 1996. iGen, also known as Generation Z, are just now joining the workforce.

In addition to longer life expectencies, people generally need to work later in life to retire with their desired super. Furthermore, the career is becoming more and more part of identity, keeping people in jobs longer.

In Australia as of 2014, 11.6 million people were in employment. 1% of these were Traditionalists, 27% were Baby Boomers, and 37% were millennials. According to an EY study, in Australia millennials will account for 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. This creates an interesting quandary. In any workforce today, there is the possibility of nearly a 50 year age difference separating staff.

In this situation, there is the potential for millennials to be the bosses of baby boomers, or Traditionalists in charge of software they aren’t familiar with. iGen and millennials have the upper hand in this situation, as they have grown up surrounded by such technology and devices. With such large discrepancies in age, life experience and technological experience within the workforce, it’s vital to manage carefully and effectively.

Through the ages, youth have always been the source of fresh ideas and new methods of doing things. For companies in an evolving digital landscape, a lack of growth is dangerous. However, with an old workforce merging with new, how can businesses update HR solutions in a way all employees can manage?

In this E-Book, we address just that. “The Best HR Software for Every Generation” presents seven tips for integrating HR tech successfully into a multi-generational workforce. Our E-Book  “The Best HR Software for Every Generation” is free to download below.

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