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  • confident-giving-speeches
    How to Be More Confident When Giving Speeches
    We get it: when giving a speech, it’s easy to feel the nerves. It’s only natural, and it...
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  • harnessing-employee-engagement
    Harnessing Employee Engagement in Your Company
    Whether you can count your staff on one hand or they number in the thousands, ensuring they enjoy...
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  • killer-CV
    A List of Dos and Don’ts to Create a Killer CV
    After the cover letter, your CV is incredibly important to set you apart from the rest of the...
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E-books & Guides

  • The True Costs of Internal Payroll
    The True Costs of Internal Payroll
    Are you aware of how much your company is truthfully spending on its internal payroll system? Most companies are not, and they...
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  • Trends in People Analytics
    Trends in People Analytics
    People Analytics seems like such a broad term, covering a range of different functions and technologies. It is growing, however only 14%...
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  • Cloud security and your business- cover page
    Cloud Security & Your Business
    A recent survey of 1,060 IT professionals found 95% were using some kind of cloud software. While the cloud is becoming more...
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