Our Time & Attendance software lets you set your rounding rules and grace periods and enable automatic approvals for timesheets so you only have to manage the exceptions – not the rules.

Use pre-set rules to speed up your online timesheet process.

We know that public transport and traffic delays, unexpected weather changes, and dishonesty on the part of employees means that people rarely clock in and out at the exact minute they are supposed to. Unfortunately, this results in longer T&A processing times while managers make tedious updates to timesheets to apply grace periods and rounding.

Roubler speeds up timesheet reviews and approvals with pre-set, automatically applied rules.

  • Set rounding rules – forward and backward – and grace periods that can be automatically applied to timesheets.
  • Choose from a variety of increments to suit your company’s policy on rounding and grace periods.
laptop roubler screenshot
mobile roubler screenhot

Use timesheet auto-approvals to reduce your T&A task workload.

Roubler’s Time and Attendance software greatly reduces your management workload without compromising on control by allowing you to enable ‘auto-approvals’.

  • Your grace periods and rounding rules will be automatically applied when a time and attendance data is submitted.
  • The timesheet is then automatically marked as approved and sent to payroll without any effort or intervention required.

It’s the ultimate way to improve the efficiency of your time and attendance process without sacrificing accuracy.