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The mining and resources industry is one of the most challenging workforces to manage. There are the day-to-day issues of managing a remote, multi-site, FIFO workforce, minimising exposure to safety risks and developing scalable, flexible workforce solutions to meet fluctuating demand for resources. It’s no wonder you’re searching for a simple workforce solution. That’s where we can help.

Roubler is the only fully integrated, end-to-end HR and workforce management platform designed to solve the pain points that exist in mining and resources. Whether you’re managing it all yourself, or you have a dedicated HR team to do it for you, Roubler maximises efficiencies by completely removing back-office admin, data-entry and double-handling tasks. It’s the simplest, easiest operational change that will deliver the greatest results. Increase cost-savings, efficiencies, productivity, and in turn, profitability. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

How it works
  • Easily manage a FIFO workforce and improve communications

    Regardless of whether your employees are onsite, they have 24/7 access via their mobile to view their Roubler profile page. This page provides a self-service capability whereby employees can view their rosters, update their personal and payroll details, view earnings, access payroll information and history, download payslips, update tickets, licences, qualifications and lodge leave requests. Roubler also takes the communication hassles out of rostering and manages it all by notifying the employee directly about any new rosters, changes or shift reminders through SMS, email and push notifications. Roubler provides instant communication between the employer and employee, a key feature when managing a remote, multi-site workforce such as mining and resources.

  • Streamline training to ensure licences and qualifications are maintained

    Roubler can issue training to any of your employees, anywhere, at any time. Training can be allocated individually, by position or as required. Easily modify your training packages, or access them through your preferred supplier, using Roubler’s third-party integration. Ensuring your employees are up-to-date with any changes in the mining and resources industry will heighten your workforce productivity and profitability.

  • Manage remote, multi-sites efficiently

    Roubler enables you to hire, roster, manage and pay a single site or across multiple sites, from one location. Increase efficiencies through Roubler by using staff across different sites or utilising flexible roster mix options. Communicating with staff has never been easier with staff having 24/7 access to their personal profiles as well as SMS, email and push notifications about shift details, reminders or changes.

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