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How to Succeed in the Café Business

Any small business is difficult to run – let alone a café. As well as managing the overheads, staffing and financials, you’ll have to be face-to-face with customers on a daily basis, and manage the food safety.

There are some things you can do to make your café a success, though, and to manage it in the best way possible. Read on to see our priorities for when you own a café.

Your priority is your employees

Above everything else, make sure your employees are treated fairly.

If you treat your staff right, it’s likely that everything else will fall into place – the customers will be happier and you’ll have long-term employees who are dedicated to your success.

To do this, make sure you start with a decent training program so they can get their head around the daily processes. Follow this up with the best working conditions (and practical working hours). Even more important, though, is the respect you show them. Let them know what your plan is for the businesses, and you’ll gain their trust and respect.

Set consistent standards for how to act

In order to achieve high-quality service, it’s important to be consistent. If you set key processes in place, you’ll make it easy for staff to follow the guidelines.

Set up the store to increase efficiency and workflow and guide your staff on the order of tasks to complete.

Having your processes down means you’ll be able to serve up outstanding coffee and delicious meals without breaking a sweat. And, after all, isn’t that what the café business is all about?

Keep your customers

Good coffee and food will impress customers – but exceptional service will keep them coming back for more. Reward your customers for their constancy with loyalty cards and you’ll build a strong base that guarantees cash flow. Whatever method you choose to retain customers, make sure it will remain front-and-centre in their minds to keep them coming back for more.

Spend money on things that will advance your business

If something matters to your business, invest all the dollars you can spare. This means funnelling more money into great coffee machines and marketing.

But you should also be astute with your money and try to find value where you can. Try and look around for deals for top-quality products and save money if possible.

Also invest in your local community. Spend a portion of your profits on local charities or sports teams – that way, you’ll be able to create a community around your café, who will be there when you need them.


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