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Nine Proven Apps Your Business Should Be Using

Today’s business climate is one of constant opportunity but cutthroat competition. Any manager or business owner worth his salt will be constantly looking for an edge over the competition, and today one of the most likely places you can improve your business is the app store. These one-purpose pieces of software, often completely free to use, can help you optimize your business’s efficiency in all areas from communication, to workflow, to administration and accounting. We’ve compiled a list of the top nine apps you shouldn’t be sleeping on when optimizing your business.


Starting off with one everyone should have heard of, but some still aren’t using, Skype has enjoyed a long reign as top telephony app for a reason. Free to download and easy to use, Skype also has the advantage in terms of userbase, which is nothing to sneeze at with these sorts of apps. Many clients nowadays will assume you’re reachable by Skype as a matter of course, so be sure you aren’t disappointing them.


Another social app, Slack targets the under-prioritised area of internal communications. It’s inconceivable that in 2016 many offices are still trying to hold internal discussions through the clunky, difficult to navigate medium of mass emails. This ironically-named app takes the most successful features of chatrooms and instant messaging and puts them to work for your business. Upload files, create new message groups in an instant and effortlessly track any past exchanges just by scrolling up your history – once you go Slack, you won’t go back.


The epitome of modern app development, Wunderlist does exactly one thing and does it well. If you are a fan of personal to-do lists or need to create a fast-and-dirty chart of daily priorities for your team, this app will have it up and shared to everyone necessary in no time. You can see who’s working on each list item and attach deadlines as necessary to make sure everyone stays up to speed.


One for the manager who’s forever on the road or in the air, TripIt is a one-stop organiser for all your key travel information. A true swiss army knife, this app will store your contact’s phone numbers, your room information, rendezvous details, and remind you when any of them become relevant. You can also set it to update social media with your location as a stress-free way to update family and co-workers on your progress.

Rescue Time

Another very straightforward app, and a dream product for those concerned with where they’re spending their most precious resource. Rescue Time runs in the background while you work, and provides you with a detailed background on what programs and tasks have been eating away at your workday. You can also use it more proactively if you’re struggling with self-management, setting the app to alert you when you spend more time on something than you should. Essential for those who would be their own boss.

H2 Expensify

Another great example of the common advantages apps bring, Expensify cuts down on stress and paper clutter by tracking and organising all your office expenditures. If you hate the menial effort of filing and reading through tax receipts then adopting this app for your business could seriously streamline your accounting. Compatible with most major business accounting software such as Quickbooks, or the next app on this list…


A rapidly rising player in the competitive market of financial management, Netsuite is the only app chosen for this blog which comes with an entry price. But it well and truly justifies its price tag, providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) services previously found only in larger, less flexible software suites in a modern app package. A proper ERP solution is essential to the day-to-day running of any business, and Netsuite is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for something new to power your enterprise.


A relatively simple note-taking application, Evernote is, well, notable for how it has overtaken even Microsoft’s efforts to provide the most streamlined and complete solution on the market. This app simply provides everything you could want in a modern day digital notepad, allowing you to save documents and emails alongside your calendars and handtyped documents and organising your files into specific notebooks for easy filing and sharing. It also saves everything you do on it to the cloud, constantly, allowing you to access your much-needed notes anytime, anywhere and providing effortless backups for when the worst strikes.


One of the most mature and well-known apps still at the forefront of industry, Dropbox has emerged as the best of the cloud storage apps. With a simple to use interface and solutions scaling from instant-setup free individual accounts to sweeping corporate data plans, Dropbox has the proven credentials to justify trusting them with your valuable data. It integrates with many other apps and even Windows itself to make using your files in the cloud as natural as using them locally.

App-lied Expertise

Not all apps are created equal, but ones like the nine listed here have fought tooth and nail to rise above countless imitators as the best at what they do. You can trust in their support teams and rely on their functionality to give your business an instant shot in the arm should you adopt them – and you should. If you find the apps help you, keep an eye out on the market for new ones, or even look into commissioning an app of your own. It’s all part of doing business well in the digital age.


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