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Millennials, and How They’re Reconfiguring the Workplace

It has come time for the generation of millennials to enter to workforce in large numbers. Appealing to, and retaining these millennial employees is vital for the future of your company.

PwC have released a report which addresses just how important this generation is to your business, titled ‘Millennials at work reshaping the workplace’. They note that millennials matter not just because they are wired differently to other generations, but also because they are larger in numbers. PwC estimates that millennials already account for 25% of the US workforce, and make up for 50% of India’s population. In the next 3 years, they see millennials forming half of the workforce worldwide.

Millennials and technology

One of the main features which sets millennials apart from previous generations is there affinity to all things digital, and their integrated and seamless use of technologies. As they have grown up surrounded by computers, Wi-Fi, iPhones and social media, these skills come much more naturally.

PwC gives 3 examples of ways to satisfy this group of employees.

  1. Take advantage of people analytics – leverage these technologies to personalise goals and targets, accounting for generational variances. This allows you to implement target-specific strategies to enhance efficiency throughout your whole team.
  2. Support their growth – organise this generation on a set of rotational jobs to provide them a sense of developing and growing their skillset. Ensure they are connecting, collaborating, networking, and especially innovating.
  3. Give them mobile control – this generation seeks flexibility, and easy, 24/7 access to information. Investing in human resources technology, especially that which is mobile and live, is worthwhile as a means to keep these employees engaged. HR technology that will allow your employees to easily submit leave requests, check rosters, clock in/out and even track KPIs, will give millennials the impression that you are invested in them and their work experience.

millennials reshaping the workplace

Millennials at Work Reshaping the Workplace


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