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Managing your social media for workplace

Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Workplace-Friendly

Whether you’re on the prowl for new employment or employed and happy to be where you are, in this time of total online connectivity and social media it’s incredibly important to maintain a good image across your online presence. This is not only for your friends and family’s sake, but also current and/or future employers. Here are a few tips to keep your social media accounts looking presentable.


Still the most popular social platform, Facebook is a great example to start with. Even before you’ve sat down for your interview, your prospective employer may have already ‘stalked’ your FB profile to find out a little bit more about you as a person.

But there are a few ways you can reduce the chances of them finding your profile. First, instead of having your normal first and last name, consider using your middle name (or even a nickname) in place of either one. Keep in mind, though, that if you used the same email to create your FB account as the one you supplied your employer, it’s relatively easy to search your email and find your account.

However, if you tweak your privacy settings (click the lock icon at the top right of the FB page) to make it so only friends are able to see your past and future posts and activity, this will stop them from being able to access anything you don’t want them to. Of course, this means you won’t be able to add them as a friend. Please take note that while everything else is hidden, your profile picture and cover photo are both actually visible to everyone, so keep them appropriate.


An awesome way to engage with others both locally and across the globe about news updates and personal happenings. However, this is another avenue your current or potential employer may check, so ensure you’re not tweeting anything too heavy. Don’t get into a heated debate with someone, but rather use it to update followers with the latest trends and breaking news in your industry.


Oh, how fast this platform is growing! It’s actually now the most widely-used network for teenagers. Don’t add your boss, or even other employees at your workplace. If you absolutely must for some reason, keep it as PC as possible – the last thing you want to do is call in sick on, say, a Friday and update your story with endless vodka shots over the weekend. And be very wary of what your friends are posting; if you’re featured in one of their photos or videos, it could have very bad consequences.


Make sure your account is set to private, and don’t use your full name in your account details and you should be alright.

Things you should avoid posting

Illegal activities: Sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised. Sure, you headed to Amsterdam and took advantage of their lax laws on certain green herbs, but it’s probably a better idea to keep that information (and picture) offline.

Any complaints about your current or previous job/employer: Like in a job interview, it’s never good to make your negative thoughts on current or past employers public via social media. If you do need to vent, do it in person to close friends.

Boozy nights out: It’s not abnormal that people enjoy a drink once in a while, but documenting a big night out with your friends is something we advise against. Same goes with posts that make you sound like someone who enjoys drinking just a little too much. Keep it low key.

Political views: Everyone has their two cents to throw into the ring when it comes to political issues. But that doesn’t mean you should publicise everything for the world (and your potential employer) to see. What if they don’t agree with what you’re posting?

A myriad of selfies: Ok, so they’re a globally-popular phenomenon. There’s even specially-made ‘selfie sticks’ people use to get the best possible shot. But if your feed is overflowing with selfies, you can come across as quite self-absorbed. Mix things up a bit.

Things to post that can benefit your image

Pets/animals: Did you know that photos of you that also feature an animal (your cat/dog/rabbit/elephant) make you more likeable and trustworthy? These are a great example of what to upload.

Accomplishments: Ever speak publicly, at a wedding or otherwise, and have a video of it? That’s a huge plus in your favour. Got a picture of you helping out at a charity function? Definitely post it to your news feed.

Front and centre with a smile: Group photos with you in the centre featuring a big, confident smile are a great addition to your social media presence.

Hobbies/activities: Pictures, video or even just text posts that show you’re interested in getting out there and getting involved with activities sheds a great light on your personality type (as opposed to a serial couch potato).


At the end of the day, think about what you’re actually posting. If you hesitate because you’re worried it might be inappropriate, it probably is.



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