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  • Cut Down on Training Time

    Training new employees for your factory can be a time-consuming task in the manufacturing industry. Roubler is designed to let you tailor make an induction program specific not just to your industry, but to your own factory. Cover everything from safety and compliance training to machinery operating instructions within our one app.

  • Stop Time Theft

    With Roubler, employees must clock in and out on live timeclocks via their mobile app or a designated workplace device. When Roubler’s software detects that an employee is within 15 metres of work, they will be reminded to clock in. Plus, it will ensure they clock on for the start of their shift – not earlier. That way, you only pay for the shift you accounted for in your wages.

  • Manage your labour costs

    You’ll always know what you’re spending with Roubler. Our software utilises optimum performance/cost ratios within the automated scheduling process. We help you set your roster for maximum performance at the lowest costs so that your manufacturing team is always working at its peak.


Roubler’s recruitment tool will make sure you only hire skilled workers that will excel in your fast-paced environment. Create a personalised careers page to attract the perfect new hires for your manufacturing business. Your job ad will be seen across several job sites in order to get the greatest pool of potential hires. Never be short-staffed for a large project again.

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Each manufacturing company requires specifically skilled and knowledgeable employees. In such a fast-paced industry, you don’t have the time to spare reading hundreds of resumes. Roubler can take care of this for you. Our software will examine all potential employees for their suitability to the precise necessities of your manufacturing company, and show you the top 10% of applicants.

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The manufacturing industry requires employees in varying roles with different duties and regulations. Roubler will allow you to onboard each of these different employees seamlessly, with tailormade induction programs. Perfectly prepare every single employee for your factory.

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You often need to manage multiple sites, as well as long days with several split-shifts. In the case of injury or sickness, re-rostering can be a nightmare. Roubler’s unique scheduling software is fully-costed of scheduling updates via our mobile app. Always have a full-team within your budget.

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Time and Attendance

With variable shifts, time and attendance can easily become a nightmare. With Roubler, your team can effortlessly clock-in and clock-out of their shifts. You’ll never pay for hours not worked, and there’s no manual data entry slowing you down.

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Business Intelligence.

Quality control is essential in the manufacturing industry. Track your team’s productivity in the palm of your hand with our specialised business analytics. Swiftly produce reports to see who is performing, and who is slowing down your team’s productivity. Plus, you can stay on top of all safety alerts and compliance.

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Fully managed payroll

With a complicated mix of contractors and casuals working split-shifts and irregular hours, it’s very easy to make a small payroll error that will cost you thousands. Roubler can fully manage your payroll for you, so that your team is always paid correctly and on-time.

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