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Singapore’s IT and technology industry is experiencing a surge in demand due to flourishing start-ups, cyber-security fears, our 24/7 reliance on digital technology and the willingness of organisations of all types and sizes to invest in their technology platforms and systems that will drive internal efficiencies and more effective customer interaction. Your challenge is to ensure your workforce remains agile and is easily scalable for project work. Attracting talent with the necessary skills and qualifications is difficult in the current situation where there is currently a significant skill shortage. That’s where we can help.

Roubler is the only completely integrated, end-to-end HR and workforce management platform that caters to the specific industry issues within the IT and technology field. It’s the easiest operational change that will deliver the best outcomes. Increase cost-savings, efficiencies, productivity, and as a result, profitability. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

How it works
  • Ensure staff are trained in the latest technologies

    Roubler delivers training to any of your staff, anywhere, at any time, with training assigned individually, by role or as needed. Easily add and update your IT training packages, or access them through your preferred supplier, using Roubler’s third-party integration. Ensuring your employees are adequately skilled and trained in all the latest software will not only increase your workforce productivity and efficiency but also give you the competitive advantage in an industry where knowledge is key.

  • Eliminate HR admin

    No paper. No data entry. No double-handling. Roubler’s fully integrated, automated platform scans data from resumes and pre-fills information for you. Any missing information is entered once by your employee, through their self-service profile page which is accessible from their mobile. Information and data collected by Roubler at every step of the employee lifecycle is seamlessly integrated and managed from the one platform. Roubler completely eliminates your HR admin workload.

  • Hire ‘best fit’ staff

    Using inbuilt machine learning algorithms and online intelligence, Roubler assesses and ranks each applicant. They are rated based on past job performance, suitability and fit to your specific IT company to distinguish which candidates are the best matched for your requirements. Ensure your IT business is always staffed with employees who will drive your success.

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