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  • Hire only the best employees for your clinic

    Each job ad you post will produce a shortlist of candidates that have the necessary experience and qualifications for your clinic. Plus, they’ll be the ‘best fit’ for the specific environment of your clinic. Don’t waste your time with under-skilled or unsuitable hires.

  • Eliminate the burden of HR for more time providing patient care

    Roubler allows you to eradicate manual data entry and possible double handling. Our fully integrated workforce solution will scan resumes of new employees to fill out their information prior to starting the job. Then, the employee completes the entry on the app in minutes. Get new employees straight into patient care, not fumbling around with HR documents.

  • On-demand staffing and scheduling for emergency periods

    The healthcare industry frequently requires extra workers at a minute’s notice. Quickly check the app to see who is available to work, and add them to the roster immediately. Time and attendance will already be sorted – the employee simply clocks in on arrival and out on departure, and their shift will be included in the payrun.


Generate your own personal careers page for your clinic in no time. Create your careers page to reflect the values and culture of your clinic specifically in order to attract those who will best fill the role. Post your role requirements to several job sites to have access to the best possible candidate pool.

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You require highly trained individuals who can provide exceptional care, and you don’t have time to sift through hundreds of irrelevant applications. Roubler’s software will assess, shortlist, and rank applicants for their suitability to your specific clinic role requirements. Always hire the perfect employee with the correct training.

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We understand that no two healthcare clinics are the same. Roubler’s onboarding software is fully customisable, so you can tailor-make the induction program your employees complete upon hire. Have your new employees fully up to speed for their first shift in your clinic.

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Managing a healthcare clinic can be a rostering nightmare. Hours are rarely 9 to 5, and unforeseeable overtime is common. Roubler’s live full-costed scheduling software allows you to adjust the roster at a moment’s notice over several sites, and will notify employees via the mobile app. Never be short-staffed again during an emergency.

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Time and Attendance

We also know that logging time and attendance can be a hassle in the health care industry. Overtime accrues quickly, and extra hours frequently need to be covered due to emergencies or busy periods of the year. Roubler allows your staff log extra hours with ease with your final approval before payday, and will always make sure your employees are paid compliantly.

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Business Intelligence.

Our business intelligence will help ensure fairness and consistency in your workforce. Your employees can keep track of new clinical competencies, and you have complete visibility over staff performance. Quickly find out who is performing, and who isn’t, so that you can ensure all of your patients are receiving the best care possible. Receive alerts for any breaches of clinic safety regulations.

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Fully managed payroll

Roubler’s payroll software ensures that your employees are always being paid the correct wage. Roubler will automatically manage and cost split-shifts, overtime, superannuation, and healthcare industry specific provisions to ensure your staff are paid correctly, and your payroll is always on-time.

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