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  • Ensure compliance by automating and centralising payroll

    Roubler’s multi-store functionality means that you can manage the payroll seamlessly across one store, or many. Once the employee has completed their shift, their time and attendance data is automatically synced to the payroll, along with their personal and banking details collected at the onboarding stage. Roubler then automatically calculates the payroll against time and attendance information, ready for your tap of approval. Roubler also provides accounting software integration so once the payroll is completed, this information is seamlessly updated within your accounting software, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

  • Increase efficiencies by using one platform to manage your workforce across multi-stores

    Whether it’s for a single store or across multiple stores, Roubler enables you to manage every workforce management process from one location, through the one platform. Increase efficiencies through Roubler by using staff across different stores or utilising flexible, roster mix options. Managing it all through one platform ensures consistency across key operational aspects such as franchisee compliance, employee training and service standards.

  • Eliminate HR admin

    No more paper, data entry or double-handling. Roubler’s fully integrated, automatic platform scans data from resumes and fills out information for you. Any missing details can be entered by your new staff member through their mobile self-service profile. Roubler completely eliminates your HR admin workload.


Whether you’re looking to fill a managerial role, or just need a new casual lunch cover, Roubler can simplify the process of recruiting new staff for your franchise. Simply create an ad noting exactly what you need in a new employee, and Roubler will share it to several job boards. Get access to the optimal pool of potential employees.

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Running a franchise is already time-consuming – you don’t have hours to spare analysing a large collection of resumes. That’s why Roubler examines all job applications for you, and passes onto you only the best ones. Our intelligent algorithm compares the skills and qualifications of each application to the role outline. Never hire less than the best!

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There are many positions to be filled within a franchise, and each requires specialised training and induction. That’s why you can customise the onboarding process of each new employee. Load specific training manuals and guides, accessible via the mobile app, so your new employee can be ready to go straight away.

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Whether you’re scheduling for just one store within your franchise, or several, rostering can become a mammoth effort. Simplify the process of creating rosters with Roubler. Staff can easily roster off within the app. The system can intuitively schedule a team of employees that will encourage maximum productivity, whilst also keeping wage costings down.

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Time and Attendance

Roubler lets you keep track of the time and attendance of your entire franchise in the palm of your hand. Employees just have to sign in and out of their rostered shift using the inbuilt time clock. Simply swipe to approve the hours worked, and all the data will be carried over into payroll.

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Business Intelligence.

Roubler provides a dashboard view of key metrics within your franchise including staff turnover, unplanned absenteeism, lateness, safety incidents, skill requirements, overtime and shift management. Using Roubler’s advanced technology, these key metrics are consolidated and weighted in real-time to provide a single, performance metric. For example, your workforce is running at 78.52% right now but within a second it could be at 72.83% because of a safety incident or a late starter. These performance metrics can be applied to a single employee, a single store or across all of your stores for a complete performance overview. Access this data live on your mobile device and make well-informed decisions in an instant.

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Fully managed payroll

Your franchise likely employs a variety of workers under varying contracts, with different rosters, leave accrual, and employment regulations. It’s all too easy to make one small, but very expensive payroll error. However, when Roubler manages your payroll, your staff will always be paid the correct wage. Banish the payroll burden.

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