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  • Track Staff Performance

    Roubler allows you to track the performance of each of your employees, so you always know who is performing and who isn’t. Generate reports to see which teachers have student performance improvement. Ensure that all of your students are having the best learning experience possible.

  • Reclaim Time

    Don’t let your teachers waste time with manual data entry for administrative tasks. The resumes of any new hires will be automatically scanned into the system to fill out personal details. Roubler will automate all of your institution’s HR, so that your teachers can get back to educating.

  • Easily Manage Absenteeism

    It’s easy to cope with last-minute absentees with Roubler. If a staff-member calls in sick, simply request a subsite within the app who you’ve already screened for the appropriate skills and training.


Each school or university has a very specific set of goals and values for their institution. Effortlessly create a branded careers page for your institution to reflect what you’re looking for in new hires. Your new position requirements will be posted to numerous career sites so that you can hire from the best pool of potential employees.

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Each education institution needs aptly educated individuals with the right experience and demeanour. You’re already time pressed as it is, so you can’t afford to spend hours reading applications. That’s why Roubler will assess, shortlist, and rank potential employees for their suitability to your precise institution requirements. Hire the perfect educator every time.

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We know that no two education institutions are exactly alike. That’s why Roubler’s onboarding software is fully customisable, allowing you to modify the information and training each staff member or teacher receives upon employment. Load school policies, safety procedures, and grading sheets into the system so that your new hires are ready to go from day one.

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Scheduling classes for the optimal learning experience is easy with Roubler. Our scheduling platform will suggest the best teacher for each class based off engagement levels tracked within the app. Plus, our rosters have inbuilt costing, so you can easily account for time spent grading assignment as well as teaching ahead on time.

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Time and Attendance

Keep track of time and attendance in no time. Our software will automatically calculate any overtime worked, and can easily deal with complicated arrangements like higher duties, leave, superannuation, and provision specific to the education industry.

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Business Intelligence.

Our unique business intelligence offerings allow you to track how each of your teachers, substitutes, and other staff are progressing. You’ll be able to identify your best performing staff in seconds, and determine who is under-performing. Don’t waste time with performance reviews based on opinion – generate reports that details efficiencies in minutes.

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Fully managed payroll

A complicated array of contracted teachers, casual substitutes, and part-time administrative staff can be a payroll nightmare. Banish the burden of payroll with Roubler. Our payroll is 100% modern award compliant, and easily manages the complicated employee mix in education institutions.

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