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Roubler FAQ

I have been working as an HR generalist for 15 years and after playing a key role in a number of performance management projects am keen to try my hand at consulting in this area. Where do I start?

You have a number of options to try.

One and most obvious is to go out on your own. Get an ABN and decide on a name for your new consulting business. The problem with this option is that unless you have very good networks that will help to promote you around the business community or you are particularly good at business development, it could take a while to get your first couple of jobs. To make this option work you will also need to have a ‘product’ that is marketable, innovative and credible.

Secondly, you could simply ‘contract’ your services out to different organisations by visiting different companies home pages where they tend to advertise contract roles for specific purposes. You will still need an ABN and you will have to scout around for where performance management is the need.

Thirdly, sell your contracting / consulting services through an established consulting firm or recruitment firm. They find you work, they take a commission off your daily rate and you invoice them. Yes, you still need an ABN but you don’t have to do the leg work or business development.
The downside on all of these is that you really should not limit yourself to just performance management if you want to work on a fairly steady basis. My view, get out there – take the HR project roles that are interesting and make sure you push performance management whilst you are working in the organisation.

The bottom line is having a number of strategies and contingency plans.