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What is coaching?

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a widely used development tool and performance management technique – it can be used for a number of purposes: one-on-one developmental coaching, team coaching, executive coaching and business coaching. The structure and techniques of coaching may differ based on the manager’s personal style; however all techniques will have one unifying feature: the coaching approach will predominantly be facilitated by the coach asking questions and challenging the coachee to learn from his or her own resources.

The coaching process is underpinned by established trust in the coach. This two-way trusting partnership will assist an employee to achieve growth.

Coaching utilises the work situation as a learning opportunity. It focuses on developing a person’s skills and knowledge to improve job performance. Coaching is effectively ‘learning by doing’ under the supervision of an experienced person. By undertaking a task on-the-job and under the direction of the coach, the coachee acquires skills and knowledge required for their job role.

The coach is generally one of the following:

  • The coachee’s direct line manager or a supervisor with considerable expertise in the relevant field
  • A dedicated internal coach who may be a line manager or a human resources (HR) specialist,
  • An external person specialising in coaching

The selection of the coach will be dependent upon the coaching need.

The coachee is a person who has been identified by the line manager, supervisor or HR practitioner as having a learning need to improve the knowledge or skills required to perform their job.

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