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Sourcing Candidates

Frequenty Asked Questions

Sourcing Candidates

Internal sourcing

Internal recruitment consists of promotions and transfers from within the organisation. It will normally take one of three forms:

  • Direct appointment or promotion based on internal promotion process or succession planning activities.
  • Sideways movement from another department or team to provide development to an employee – this may be a permanent move or temporarily as a secondment.
  • Internal advertising to give any existing employee the opportunity to put themselves forward for the role
  • Referral from existing employees of friends or acquaintances who may be suited to the role.

Advantages of internal recruitment:

  • It builds morale for existing employees
  • Employees may be motivated by the possibility of career opportunities within the organisation, learning new skills or enriching their jobs
  • Employees may be more inclined to stay with the organisation when there are career opportunities, reducing turnover
  • Information about the internal labour supply which arises from internal recruitment processes helps identify high potential employees and assists in succession planning
  • It provides an opportunity to reward good performance of existing employees
  • It is generally a lower cost approach to recruitment

Some disadvantages to watch out for:

  • It can create dissatisfaction in those internal candidates not selected
  • A strong performance measurement process is required to ensure the right internal candidates are recognised in the recruitment process
  • It can reinforce an existing culture or climate which would actually benefit from change


External sourcing

External recruitment is the sourcing of candidates from outside of the organisation through avenues such as:

  • Direct advertising in suitable online and print based publications including social media platforms
  • Referrals and recruiting from similar companies
  • Utilising a recruitment agency to source suitable candidates
  • Professional association job boards
  • Educational institutions i.e. graduate recruitment, career fairs and internships


The advantages of external recruitment include:

  • The widening of the pool of candidates to access skills and experience that does not exist inside the organisation
  • A larger pool of candidates allowing the recruiter to make an informed decision based on all the candidates available
  • The opportunity to introduce new employees into the talent pool in the organisation


Some disadvantages to watch out for:

  • External recruitment methods can be costly
  • It can create dissatisfaction in existing employees
  • The process can take a long time including advertising process and notice periods for new employees
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