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Roubler FAQ

Referee & Background Checks

Referee checks are when the recruiter contacts the candidate’s previous employers and asks questions that will assist in determining whether they are the right person for the role based on their performance in previous roles.

Some skepticism exists to the value of reference checks as candidates are able to supply the contacts of previous managers, employers or peers who are most likely to give a favorable report. Good questioning techniques can assist in getting value from a conversation with a previous colleague.

Referee reports and background checks of the preferred candidates should be undertaken before offering the position to a candidate.

When approaching previous employers for information regarding the candidate it is useful to have a short list of questions relating to:

  • Seeking confirmation of the term and type of employment
  • Confirming job role and responsibilities
  • Addressing previous employment issues raised by the candidate during the process
  • Confirming the reason for leaving the role

In addition to contacting previous employer contacts provided by the candidate at this stage in the selection process may also include:

  • Checking claims made on resumes in relation to previous employment history
  • Checking police and financial records for criminal records or bankruptcy etc.
  • Checking accuracy and authenticity of certificates, qualifications with educational institutions and training providers.

These types of checks are more important for some position types than others i.e. accountancy, finance, child care, medical roles, legal roles etc.