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Roubler FAQ

Mapping Conflict in the Workplace

Mapping conflict is a method used by HR managers to better understand conflict. It’s common when trying to determine appropriate strategies in trying to deal with conflict. The idea behind mapping a conflict allows HR to mentally map the conflict in a way to better understand the following:

  • What is the conflict about?
  • Who was involved?
  • What stage the conflict has reached? Consider the following when mapping conflict.


Understand who is involved in the conflict (directly and indirectly)


Determine the needs of those parties involved in the conflict


Understand the values and beliefs which are important to each party and which they would be prepared to act upon.


Define the objectives of each party and determine what they are wanting to achieve


Determine how the parties perceive each other and how they view the conflict.


Determine any negative implications or limitations for each party.


How does each of the parties expand their views of the other.


Ensure each party reflects and reviews their own attitudes and what do they need to change or act upon in order to help resolve the conflict.